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After Season 1 of IH is over, I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from most of my personal social media sites (aside from facebook). I’m struggling extremely bad all over again and I’m having a terrible time with keeping up with everything on the web. I’m giving up my photography business, and…

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Vote for 
TribeTwelve to be the people’s choice award at Miami Web Fest! Just select "TribeTwelve" from the drop down and provide your email to send a vote submission. It’s as simple as that.

Thanks everyone!

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Can you imagine if every swear in EverymanHYBRID and TribeTwelve was replaced with the Spongebob dolphin noise.

Somebody do this please.

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Imagine the collective wearing pink on wednesday.

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Finally done! It was a really fun project!

Hope you like it, Adam!

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What time will the meetup exactly be and where at FOS? I might be able to go if I get off work in time.


We will be at the ticket booth no later than 9pm, I am assuming (depends on if everyone shows up to my house on time). All of our tickets are already paid for so we’ll be going through the express line. We also got VIP so if you want to roll with us (insert no cussing club reference) make sure you purchase the VIP tix.

Like I said, please message me off anon for full details and it will also be easier for us to keep in touch. Bring your friends, family, whatever! We’re all excited to get our scare on. Field of Screams is a really cool place to visit. Plus we can talk about the Slenderverse in-between rides because why not? Tomorrow will be a pretty good night. 👍

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Random question but has anyone ever heard of the Field of Screams attraction in Mountville, PA? I thought about having a mini meetup there if any of you guys would be interested! I go there literally every single year at least two-three times (it’s the best haunted attraction I’ve been to) so I…

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The magic of the Internet.

I just…I can’t…

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So can I purchase tickets in advance for this Field of Screams place? Also what time would the meetup be? I think the place is like an hour away from where I live. I'd be interested in coming. :D


Oh, awesome! Didn’t think anyone was actually going to come. I’m on mobile replying to your ask right now, so I can’t post a clickable link but here’s the website:

We purchased VIP Combo Passes, meaning we’ll be able to go through all 4 attractions without having to wait in line. I got the VIP part free with a coupon (it’s normally $10 more to upgrade). If you’re going, I would purchase VIP tickets mainly because you won’t know how busy it will be (we once waited 2 and a half hours to go through one ride).

We will be attending on September 13th! It takes us about 20 minutes to get to Mountville so I would say we will get there around 9pm-ish?

Message me off anon for the full details, yo~

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Once we hit 1,000 followers I’ll be hosting another giveaway/contest. Any ideas on what kind of thing I should host / what kind of prizes I should giveaway? Let me know!